Run Strong Mama

Run Strong Mama

A step by step system to return to running after pregnancy without pain, peeing, or problems.

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    Upper Ab Fix

    Upper Ab Fix is the mini course you need for quick and effective exercises that target diastasis recti at and above your belly button! It's the perfect addition to any program. Upper Ab Fix will strengthen your deepest core muscles, tighten your belly, and prep your body for a strong run. Grab it today and save! This is a one-time special offer on this page only.

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        Michelle N.

        Mom of 2, postpartum fitness coach

        "Suzanne... I LOVE you! I FINALLY did the posture video before my first run. I just ran 4.5 and NO leaking, no issues. I think my posture was the biggest issue. I had to reset a couple   times during the run but I felt great! Oh, my gosh! This program!! "


        Mom of 3

        "Suz- I cannot even begin to thank you for all of your support and encouragement over the last several months.  

        A friend convinced me to sign up for the half marathon as a way to get back in shape after we both had our second kids.  I signed up, and then I totally panicked.  I was not a runner, I didn’t like to run....why on earth did I think a half marathon would be a good idea??  In the midst of my panic, I saw your run clinic post and texted you about it.  You knew I just had a baby, and promised me we would take things slowly and you would get me there. True to your word, you did.  Yesterday, I finished my very first half marathon!  

        More importantly though, you motivated me to get back into a regular workout routine, helped me lose the baby weight, strengthened my core, pushed me to work hard, held me accountable, and helped me to achieve goals I never knew I had.  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend your personalized programs to anyone, but I would especially encourage other moms to give it a shot- it was hard work but I feel great!!